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Flowers Tattoos Designs

flowers tattoos designs

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Love Tattoo Designs by Denise A. Wells

Love Tattoo Designs by Denise A. Wells

6 separate "Love" Tattoo Design creations...all unique in there own way and all made in my custom Flower Font! These Love designs vary from one to the next with added accents of lace, butterflies, vines, flowers, hearts, musical notes, leaves and charms. Everything you need in one design.

I have been making Custom Lettering for over 20 years and I have perfected my craft. For more details on how to get Your own personalized Tattoo Design you can contact me at: for a price quote.

Tattoo 3

Tattoo 3

The new Tattoo is work by Ian on East Street Tattoo in Stockholm
Photo: Ian

flowers tattoos designs

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